Anger Management Training for Professionals

Training is open to domestic violence professionals, mental health clinicians , educators, substance abuse counselors, social services providers, peer support specialist, Family Partners, probation officers, clergy, schools, community organizations, human resource and other helping professionals. Certifies trained individuals to provide community anger management educational services including Anger Management Classes and Anger Management Educational Programs. This Certification is recognized by all courts.

Become a valuable resource for courts, probation officers, attorneys, employers, corporate HR departments, and individuals and couples in crisis who are urgently seeking help with problem anger issues. Our mission is to provide quality certified anger management training, certification and support to professionals and students in the following areas: mental health, substance abuse, corrections, education, law enforcement, human resources, domestic violence, and pastoral counseling and those that desire or need to work with angry and aggressive clients.

This course is recognized by the court

Every year, more than 1,500 media outlets introduces Anger Management. For example, politicians’ loss problems, dangerous driving road rage problems, and public disturbances are often hidden feelings of anger behind incidents. Therefore, explanations are often required from the perspective of Anger Management.

Anger management facilitators nationwide have also received numerous interviews from television, radio, newspapers, community magazines, etc., appeared in the media, published books, etc.

Why should you take this training ?

  • To increase your credibility

  • Establish professional credentials

  • To be able to better serve your community

  • To have a understanding of human behavior

  • To help those struggling with anger issues

Training Objectives

  • To help participants help others manage their anger and control their responses to anger

  • Help individual reduce their number of negative outbursts

  • Learn coping strategies that is integrated with mindfulness meditation

  • Promote self-awareness, preventative strategies, social skills, and personal development

  • Learn the ABC model (Cognitive behavioral approach and cognitive restructuring)

Learning objectives

1- Participants will be able to use anger management tools to work with clients that displays anger.

2- When screening during an intake, participant will be able to assess whether the client will benefit from an anger management program through the tips discussed during the workshop.

3- Participant will be able to prepare a progress report for both the courts and the workplace.

4- When dealing with disruptions, participant will integrate strategies to manage a cohesive group.

5- Participants will incorporate activities through experiential learning in the training to work with aggressive clients.

Participants will receive:

1- Client workbooks

2- The Facilitator's Manual

3- two forms

​ You can teach anger management to anyone who displays anger. For example, children and adults often time display their anger. If you have a nonprofit and/or behavioral health program and the mission is to help children and families you can implement anger management as one of the courses you will teach. Anger management can also be implement in churches as well. You can provide your services to individual who have been referred from the court however; you have to have a strong solid curriculum. We offer those at a different price.

Anger Management is currently widely used as a training menu in four areas.

1. Managerial training

2. Communication training

3. Power harassment training

4. Mental health training. Management training includes anger emotion management and team building necessary for leadership. In communication training, scolding, complaints, etc. In the power harassment training which the number is increasing very much, it is with the legal theory. In mental health training, companies are hiring as part of health management. It is expected that the number of requests to add anger management to the training menu will increase further in the future.

As a menu of coaching and counseling If you are coaching or counseling, it is always a matter of anger of the client that you will bump into. I think that I have been touched on the problem of anger in my previous coaching and counseling studies, but I think that there is no one who has systematically learned professionally anger management. By introducing anger management to the coaching and counseling we will be able to support our clients more.

For myself I take courses to improve my own skills, and improve my physical and mental health. The Anger Management Facilitator/ Specialist Training Course is designed to teach anger management to people, but there are many motivations to take this course, which allows you to obtain certification and provide anger management nationwide.

Course curriculum, course schedule course is a combination of short videos and face to face teaching whether it be in person or on zoom. We consider our virtual training to be face to face as it is an requirement to use your web camera throughout the entire training. (Capacity: 30 people / Minimum number of participants: 6 people).

Training will be provided to learn anger management theory and related knowledge, and to be able to teach people. Ultimately, as an Anger Management Facilitator, we aim to be able to hold an introductory three day anger management course however; the course has been taught in two days.

We respect everyone’s time and for that reason we encourage everyone to be on time. Our Rule If you are more than 15 minutes late we will not allow you to enter the room to be trained however; if you paid for the course you can reschedule. There is a no refund policy. For any reason a person becomes sick or can not make the training we will work with the person to reschedule.

Requirements for taking the course:

(1) Must be 18 years of age or older.

(2) Be physically and mentally healthy.

(3) There are no other facts that the academy deems you not appropriate to take this course.

(4) You have agreed to and signed the Anger Management Facilitator Terms and Conditions.

(5) You have agreed to the code of ethics

(6) You have agreed to professionally at all times whether you are training or not.

(7) You have agreed to if it has been reported that you have acted in a nonprofessional matter by not practicing self regulation of your own emotions you can lose your certificate and/or be suspended to use the certificate you earned and this depends on the severity of the problem you have caused.

(8) You will not train without the curriculum

(9) You will not attempt to conduct any group without purchasing the the workbooks.

(10) You have agreed that all members of the group will have his or her own workbook.

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 & the Delta Virus we now offer online training on zoom.

No more than 15 minutes late otherwise; you will be turned away and asked to reschedule

Class will start on time

Workbook $19.95

Work books are $19.95 & Facilitator Manuals are $59.95

Taxes are not included. All taxes are subject to the state you live in.

Becoming An Anger Management Specialist has many benefits including

1) Starting your own anger management program.

2) Working for an agency that provides anger management services; or,

3) Implementing an anger management component into your treatment of private practice therapy clients.

Once you have completed the 2-day intensive anger management training and are fully paid, you'll receive a certificate of completion. Due to the integrity of the program no certificates will be provided through email and /or text we mail out certificates and other documents.

  • We do not market the program for you

  • We do not provide you with policies and procedures ( If you want us to write your policies we will charge you an additional price)

  • The price of the program only provides the certification and a few forms

  • We provide the logo

  • Manuals & Workbooks are not free ( Every certified person must purchase a manual to teach the class as well as purchase workbooks for the client) All clients must have their own workbook. No one can share a workbook NO EXCEPTIONS!