1.Do I have to pay to become a member?

No you don't have to pay to become a member however; in order to get the perks you will have to pay an annually fee.

2.Can I make a down payment if I want you to create a website for me?

Deposits are expected before any work can be started

3.How do you make your agreements with your clientele?

Upon starting the work I will send you a contract

4.Can you help me with starting a business?

I am a coach and I can help you start a business however; you must know what you want to do. I have coaching fees as well as fees to create the business for you. All large projects have to pay a larger deposit.

5.How long does it take you to create a website?

It depends it can take me anywhere from a few days to a week. It depends what you want on the website. I work pretty fast to get the job done because I understand your website is your brand and money.

6. Do you help others in open a group home?

Yes, I have helped many people with opening group homes.

7. Do you assist with getting accredited?

Yes I have assisted many agencies in becoming and remaining accredited.

8. Do you help others who lives in a different state?

Yes I have completed out of state projects.

9. Who responsibility will it be if you came to our agency that was located in another state?

If I travel out of state the agency will be responsible for my hotel and travel fees

10. Do yo require a deposit if you are traveling to provide training our of state?

Yes deposits are expected to be made one month before the date of training and the final payment two weeks before the training.

11. Do you provide refund?

We have a no refund policy all payments are final

12. Would you be willing to create a curriculum for the agency for their training department

Yes I will customize a curriculum for your agency

13. How much are the curriculum?

Payments are discussed over the phone and created in the contract.

14. Do you create manuals, policies and procedures and forms for a business?

Yes we can create what you need.

15. Do you provide coaching for free?

No coaching has a fee however; the first 30 minutes is free which is called consultation.

16. Do you help Nonprofit organizations?

Yes I do!

17. I need a App created for my business do you create app as well?

Yes we can create an app for your business ?